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Author Topic: I m So happy to see this site born~  (Read 5963 times)


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I m So happy to see this site born~
« on: October 02, 2010, 09:25:28 PM »


I m So happy to see this site born~
I have add some product on the list.

I have a question about the system of "$7 Secrets Product Directory"
what is the commission display for ? is it visitor need to purchase the product that list on your site, then he can promote the product he buy & get the commissions if he get new sales?

I hope you understand what I asking for. (from a view point of affiliate, I m want this place become like a "market place" just like ClickBank )

where is the affiliate link that I can promote people to join in your marketplace? (http://7dollarproduct.com/)


the (http://7dollarproduct.com/) concept is RUN like this,

1) all product owner that RUN a sell with 7DSS can list the product on (http://7dollarproduct.com/) for free advertise get the explosion

2) all visitor/people who want to be a affiliate or looking for a affiliate program to promote. Will visit the list & find the program they want to promote &
add the 7DSS "standart format"  ?e=paypal@email
by manually?

I think it is better have a screenshoot of picture on how to & a affiliate & promote  on a new page , that will help ANY NEWBIE/new visitor to  (http://7dollarproduct.com/)

Just some comment ,question & suggestion from my own view point.

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Don Morris

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Re: I m So happy to see this site born~
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2010, 04:38:53 PM »

Let's see if I can satisfy your questions with a few answers.

First off, the purpose of $7 Secrets Product Directory (7DP) is to provide a listing of sites using $7 Secrets Scripts (7DSS). Unlike other similar directories, though, it's focussed mainly on helping you -- the 7DSS user (the publisher) -- attract affiliates rather than buyers.

That's not to say you won't get buyers. Your sales page link is in each of your listings, so visitors to 7DP can click through and purchase your product. But you'll get more buyers by building up your affiliate army than you will by attracting buyers on your own.

The commission display lets affiliates know how much they'll be earning by promoting your product. Of course, I believe that 100% on the front end makes the best sense for low-cost products, but publishers are free to use any rate they choose.

Whether or not affiliates are required to purchase the product before promoting is again up to the publisher. There's a setting in 7DSS for that. (However, that setting will eventually be removed -- I believe it defeats the $7 Secrets method.) 7DP does not require publishers to have an open affiliate system.

7DP does not have an affiliate system, since I do not want you promoting 7DP. I want affiliates to promote the individual products, using the 7DSS link for each product.

You have the concept of 7DP correct (#1 and #2). And there will be some additional instructions in the future that will help potential affiliates promote the products in the directory. At the moment, though, I am focussing my efforts on building the base of publishers (and products); once I have a sizable list of products I will reach out to potential affiliates and promote 7DP as a source of quick-paying, impulse-buy products for them to promote to their lists.

You may have noticed that -- in addition to the free listing offered on 7DP -- there is an upgraded listing opportunity as well. Publishers who upgrade their listing will be able to take advantage of additional features, some of which are described on the site, and others which I'll save for later. At the moment, upgrade credits are selling for as low as they will ever be; rates will increase when the number of published listings reaches a certain (undisclosed) threshold.

Thanks for your comments, Chris, they're very much appreciated!

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